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Lake of the Woods - 2012

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Chuck has been telling me about picking up Jim the last few years. He never seems to be ready. In fact last year Chuck moved Jim’s lawn while waiting for him to get ready. True to form, Jim greeted us with “I would like to tell you I’m ready, but that would be a lie.” The trip started off well with 12 northern in the evening. The 4 of us tried to eat 4 northern. It was a good effort, we failed. I brought the leftovers to Kirby and players.

The first day of fishing a few of Doug’s high school buddies joined us for lunch. On several occasions after eating with us they expressed how good the food was and the cooperation we showed in getting lunch on the table. Nice job everyone!!

The first day proved outstanding. We went to Stony after lunch. 76 fish in 3 ˝ hours, WOW. Everyone hit double digits.

The next couple of days were pretty normal. Maybe a little slow. Chuck and Jim were up early visiting with Glen. Harvey happened by and suggested we might want to try the shallows around Little Raspberry island. THANK YOU HARVEY.

The 1st morning at Little Raspberry was pretty much the highlights of the whole trip.
Jim started it off by catching a personal best 26” walleye.
Sometime after that Jeff caught a personal best northern at 36.5”. I don’t know that Jeff has ever taken a lesson on how to pose while holding a fish. That crossed arm figure 8 double choke hold is no way to display a fish.

About an hour after Jim caught the big walleye and while still jigging, he hooked another big one. Jim yelled “Oh My God”. His first thought was that he had a giant walleye. It turned out to be a personal best 37” northern.

This little area where Jim caught the northern was proving to be quite fruitful. Chuck and Doug both caught a couple of walleyes. One Wally while casting a red & white.

When IT happened, Big John was casting out the front of the boat. “UH OH!!” was the sound heard all around the boat. John knew he had a good one. My first reaction was to see which rod he was using. I was glad to see it was the casting rig. The fish took under the boat, entangling himself in the minnow bucket hanging over the side. We quickly freed up that mess. Then he did the same thing to the minnow bucket in the front. We were now drifting up onto the rocks. The fish actually beached itself up onto the rock. While trying to untangle that front minnow bucket, John lost all feeling of having the fish on. The feeling was soon back. The fish actually came completely out of the water. If you don’t believe it, we have video (a big round of thanks to Jim’s Photography).

52” muskie on an antique wooden mouse. Why they ever quit making the lure I will never understand. Congratulations John. Once again Jim loses biggest fish in the morning.

One morning of fishing and 4 personal bests, not bad. Did anyone ever buy Harvey that drink?

Jon’s quenching ways proved effective in coordinating the amount of booze we needed.

What’s with Doug serving charcoal briquettes and trying to pass them off as hamburgers?

Perhaps the best weather we have ever had.

Chuck persuaded a 36” muskie to get on his lure while doing the figure , nice going.

On the last day Doug caught a 40” muskie which would have been biggest with one BFF exception. 7 years in a row Biggest Fish came home to Eden Prairie. The reign is over.

Jim’s banged up prop provided a Slow Ride (Fog Hat) home. Take it Easy.

As a final note, Brian has reduced his garden to a more manageable size.

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Total fish:










Biggest for trip:

52.25" Muskie (John)

Most for trip:

76 (Jeff)

# of FishPikeWalleyeMuskieBassBiggestMarks
6025330226.5" Pike0.0

*Notable fish: Bass, Perch on Spinner

# of FishPikeWalleyeMuskieBassBiggestMarks
7627480136.5" Pike9.5

*Notable fish: Walleye

# of FishPikeWalleyeMuskieBassBiggestMarks
7833430232" Pike0.0

*Notable fish: 32" Pike, 32" Pike, Bass, Clam

# of FishPikeWalleyeMuskieBassBiggestMarks
621041052.25" Muskie7.0

*Notable fish: 52.25" Muskie (Alternate)

# of FishPikeWalleyeMuskieBassBiggestMarks
50450137" Pike6.0

*Notable fish: 26" Walleye

# of FishPikeWalleyeMuskieBassBiggestMarks
52941036.25" Muskie3.0

*Notable fish: Walleye

# of FishPikeWalleyeMuskieBassBiggestMarks
551121040" Muskie8.5

*Notable fish: None on record